About Us

LOOP is an innovative, student-driven ratings and review site for schools and colleges in England.

LOOP has been developed in partnership with a group of colleges and sixth forms. It is a social enterprise and is co-directed by a board of student-advocates, recruited from partner colleges.

LOOP has two core aims:

1) Change: helping schools and colleges to improve what they do based on students’ reviews and ratings. LOOP works collaboratively with institutions to strengthen the feedback loop, ensuring that reviews are used to drive better decision-making.

2) Choice: informing future students and parents who are making decisions about where to study. LOOP aims to become a destination site for people who are considering where to study.

LOOP provides a range of subscription packages to schools and colleges to help them respond effectively to student feedback. All of the money we receive from subscribers goes straight back into our mission to make education better for both the current and future generation.

LOOP has been set up by social enterprise Leaders Unlockedin partnership with The House branding and communications agency.