• 1. Will my review be anonymous?

    Yes, LOOP requires you to enter your email address but does not share that information. When viewing your review, however, your school/college will be able to see your username. Therefore, we recommend that you use a suitable username that will not allow your school/college to identify you.

  • 2. What personal information am I required to disclose?

    Once you have written your review, LOOP asks you to fill in a few details including your gender and course area. These details are not mandatory but they will allow your school or college to use the information from your review more effectively as they can understand whether the issues mentioned are specific to one group of students or more generalised. This enables them to identify which departments need to be notified of your feedback.

    In addition, LOOP asks for your email address in order to alert you when you receive a response to your review; however, your contact information will not be shared.

  • 3. Can you guarantee that things will change in response to my review?

    One of LOOP’s main aims is to facilitate change by providing schools and colleges with useful feedback from their own students. You should bear in mind that your ideas are more likely to be adopted by your school or college if they are realistic and supported by a large number of students.

    At LOOP, we believe that by putting student reviews in the public domain, we will encourage institutions to engage with LOOP and instigate change within their institution. We also believe in the importance of working with schools and colleges to help them improve and listen to their students.

  • 4. Can I write multiple reviews?

    Yes but students are limited to one review every academic year (starting in September). This is to ensure that one individual’s opinions do not unfairly affect the star ratings for an institution.

  • 5. How do you decide which review are published on LOOP?

    At LOOP, we believe in freedom of expression and therefore we do not seek to censor students’ views. That said, LOOP is looking for constructive feedback. Any reviews that contain swear words, offensive or bigoted views, or names of specific individuals will not be allowed through our moderation process. We do not publish reviews which are irrelevant or unusable.
    We will always inform a student if their review is rejected and we will always try to provide a good explanation as to why.

  • 6. How is LOOP moderated?

    Comments on LOOP will be pre-moderated, which means that comments will not be published instantly; they will first be checked by moderators. The LOOP team will always aim to moderate content added within a 24 hour period during the working week. Reviews added over the weekend or bank holidays will be moderated on the first subsequent working day.

  • 7. Who moderates the moderators?

    Administrators are responsible for the site as a whole, and amongst other things this includes the management of the moderation team. If you have a query or a concern about the moderation please fill out the form on our contact page.

  • 8. How can institutions work with LOOP?

    LOOP works closely with schools/colleges to gather ratings and reviews from their students. We offer schools/colleges the chance to subscribe to LOOP to get reports and analysis of what their students are saying.

  • 9. How can using LOOP benefit my institution?

    LOOP can help schools and colleges to move beyond traditional student satisfaction data to interpret why students feel how they do, and what can be done about it. Through the use of technology, it can help to gather the views of those students who are less likely to get involved in student councils and similar forums. We also think that LOOP can increase learner responsibility by enabling your students to play a leading role as reviewers. By engaging with LOOP, you will be showing people how passionate your college is about student voice.