How It Works

Here at LOOP, we are passionate about good quality feedback which can be used effectively to create change.

We have created a four-stage process to make this possible:

1. Reflect and Discuss

To get started, students are asked to reflect on their experiences at school or college, to discuss what works for them and what they would like to improve. LOOP provides lesson plans and resources to train students and develop their skills in giving good quality feedback. These can be used with individuals, small groups or larger groups of students. LOOP resources can be used easily by tutors, youth workers or student champions.

2. Rate, Review, and Recommend

Using the LOOP platform, we invite students to first give star ratings about 14 aspects of their school or college –covering a wide range of topics from the quality of teaching to the careers advice to the food. Next, we ask students to create a written review to highlight the things that they like most about their school or college, as well as the areas that they feel need improvement. Students are invited to add a title to their review so that others know what their review is about. Finally, students decide whether they would recommend their school or college to future students.

3. Respond and Vote

LOOP is about collaboration as much as it is about individual opinions. This means that other people can comment on, and vote on, the reviews that have been posted by students. Schools and colleges can then see which ideas have the most support from the community, to inform their priorities for improvement. Schools and colleges who subscribe to LOOP can also respond directly to student reviews and are encouraged and supported by LOOP to respond.

4. Make Changes

In the final phase, LOOP enables schools and colleges to identify which areas of improvement need to be prioritised for change based on student feedback.