Hereward College of Further Education

Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry, CV4 9SW

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Teaching and Learning: 4/5

Facilities: 4/5

Careers and Employment: 3/5

Well-being: 4/5

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The Pirates (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Students getting help. The teachers are good to the students. Good art teachers with a lot of materials. There is a lot of teamwork. Staff are very supportive.


Team Cheese (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Class work, students are kind, and staff around college. Friends, lessons such as Maths, doing numbers, and healthy living. Trips are good. Some people like the food in Cafe Mojo. Reading and Youtube, dancing and music in room 31/32.


Team music (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Dinner, lessons, staff and making friends. I like English and listening to music.


Teen Titans (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: I started a new chapter here. I was very anxious about leaving school and was upset for the first few weeks, but the support from staff and students has helped me to settle. The lessons are good, I like photography, I like being creative and hands-on. I like 'our world' because we are learning new things, it's quite challenging and makes us think. I like making new friends and singing club, which is run by a student at lunchtime. We go on trips - we have been to Coombe Abbey and we are going to the pantomime. We are also having a Christmas fayre and there is Hereward's Got Talent in December.


Team Transitions (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Meeting new friends, the library/ LRC and the computers, cooking and English lessons, and hand massage with mentors.


Team X Factor (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Performing Arts, Sports, and game activities. Independence skills and trips. Using the computer, meeting friends and social time, communicating with people. The food at Cafe Mojo. I like the staff, they are nice ladies.


The Simpsons Elsa CBBC (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: I like the lessons and the work. I like the staff and they support me. I like students and friends. I like my favourite lesson, which is music, and learning independence skills.


Team Tom and Jerry (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: The lessons, lots of friends, Cafe Mojo and the food, we can make new friends here, we like the staff here, we like singing, we all like the social activities such as prom parties. We learn new independence skills!


The Tigers (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: The staff are good. Music, lots of friends, lots of trips, breaks and social times.


Coronation Blues (current-14-19) 14th December 2017

Best bits: Going on the computer listing to music, cooking at breakfast club, being able to use the cameras properly. I like signing and music, it makes us feel happy. Socialising with my friends.


JB (current-20+) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: the best things about Hereward is the quality of teaching is very good The social life is very good and a friendly place to be I am residential student I get a lot of happiness out of being on the residency and have developed independence skills such as accessing the community and being able to go to the shops on my own.


JNWB (current-14-19) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: The best things in this college are that the quality of teaching is very good and i feel like i am able to take the information in that i learn. The Learning support that we get is amazing and i don't know where i would be without the support of staff as well as students. During in my time here so far i have learned so many skills and i have also learned many more independence skills and i have become a better person by attending this college.


superman (current-20+) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: the teachers are friendly and helpful.


Spanner (current-20+) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: The best thing i like about Hereward college is the sports course i am on and the sports center that we have. The support we have at hereward college from all staff is very good


Bran (current-14-19) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: teaching staff as they are helpful when you need help and ask for help.


fair fish (current-14-19) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: when we do sports activities and explain how we use muscles and bones during the exercise.


life hydrate your world (current-14-19) 3rd April 2017

Best bits: you get to be who you want to be. Hereward college let you grow up.


Trustworthy (current-20+) 27th March 2017

Best bits: The staff are always helpful, teachers and assistants alike.


Tanuki (current-20+) 27th March 2017

Best bits: Staff are encouraging, positive and always willing to work with you to get the things you want out of your education, whether this is something as typical as good grades, or more geared towards independent or life skills. Support is fantastic, can't praise them enough. Catering has improved greatly, and is now excellent quality. Sporting activities are excellent and accessible. Accessibility is generally excellent for all levels of learners.


B.S.P (current-14-19) 22nd March 2017

Best bits: There is lots of sport in diffident areas and I get on well with most of the staff. The food is good at lunch and the rest of the day . I do enjoy most of my art lessons.


S.R (current-14-19) 22nd March 2017

Best bits: Throughout the week at lunch times, you are able to take part in clubs and activities around the college, like down at sports where the gym is located which is always open for use and the sports hall where different physical activists are held. And on Fridays you get to try out tasters of different courses on the exploring futures program.


static (current-14-19) 21st March 2017

Best bits: all the staff are really nice and they can be really understanding and when there is a problem they come and sort it. also the college is a really good place everyone is friendly, the teaching is amazing. i would also like to say the refec is a nice to place to be cause you can go to the thinking zone and just relaxes.


The Comedain (current-14-19) 21st March 2017

Best bits: The things i like about college is how many friends i make so quickly and how popular i get. I also like what i do in lessons and have fun it can be because when i first started i didn't like most of my lessons i only like My main course Music. But now i like everything about my lessons but sometimes it can be boring but if i tell the teacher that i'm finding it a bit boring, then she would then try to make it more interesting for everyone. I like the LRC because it's quite and i mostly listen to Youtube and write songs either for my course or i do it for practise which passes time for me. The food quality is good but they need to have more healthy food. Also the money that people are given isn't enough because for me i can only get a sandwhich but i would like to get more with my money like getting a pasta pot or have another sandwhich when i'm hungry later on.


007 (current-14-19) 21st March 2017

Best bits: Playing the drums in music.


turbo (current-14-19) 21st March 2017

Best bits: friends the staff always make you feel welcome


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