Hereward College of Further Education

Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry, CV4 9SW

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Teaching and Learning: 4/5

Facilities: 4/5

Careers and Employment: 3/5

Well-being: 4/5

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goldstar (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: The college is very good it covers all the important parts that it needs to regarding independent life skills and getting you ready for the world of work. There are loads of opportunities to learn more new skills. The staff are always on hand to help with support and with learning. There are loads of places to relax with your friends and study for your course. The college is very good.


Wolfie (current-20+) 18th April 2018

Best bits: We all work well as a team the performing arts staff are really supportive.


doctor who (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: Most teachers are nice and help me to understand the questions and what I need to do.


Luke Jay (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: The teachers are good they help and break things down so you know what they are telling you like the new key card of the our new electric gate and the new intercom so the staff know who they letting in to our lovely college.


spider man (current-20+) 18th April 2018

Best bits: I think what works well is that the opportunities for students to learn something new in life and prepare for the big wide world and be ready for work.


Jack Maher (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: I enjoy Performing arts class.


Ethan (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: my mates


ChibiChan_hoppy :3 (current-14-19) 18th April 2018

Best bits: The Teaching and support is amazing.


XSTASTIC (current-14-19) 28th March 2018

Best bits: The things that are good are that all students can have different opportunities. And they are very organised when taking students out of college. The safeguarding has really improved the college has put in an electrical gate which stops unauthorised students from leaving college. In my spare time I am able to go to the LRC or go to the refec if I wish.


cloud king (current-14-19) 28th March 2018

Best bits: The spare time is good cause its helps when you're doing work but haven't finished it that spare time gives you the time to complete it. The practical is also good cause you get the experience of going on trips and going in the band room and making music as a group.


Seb (current-20+) 28th March 2018

Best bits: Teachers and ILS support.


mikael casey (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: It's easy to find your way around the building as well as having a lot of computers and books that can give you plenty of information on any subject you want to know more about. Both students and teachers are very nice and will interact and help you in anyway possible. It gives you plenty of free and work time. Through it, I was able to get a job at my workplace.


Bob Bower (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: I think the careers advice and the teaching quality helps you because it helps with your future.


collagey mc collage face (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: I have had problems with my current course but the tutors have attempted to fix the problem and helped a lot.


princess.zee (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: All the staff are amazing here they have always supported students whenever they needed them. The LRC is a great place when you want to be quiet and alone. An internship program is an amazing opportunity for students to develop their skills and confidence - there is a possible chance of employment afterwards, which is awesome!


Jaydon Hawking (current-14-19) 26th March 2018

Best bits: The mentor support is great and is a real credit to the college. I believe the support from teachers is good, teachers are motivated and positive. I believe that the business teacher in particular are very good - they're an asset to the college and are a great role model to any member of teaching staff at the college - big thank you to them! I also think that the internships are an excellent opportunity for us as young people with additional needs as I believe it's helping organisations to break down barriers and be less worried about employing someone with additional needs.


star lord (current-14-19) 26th March 2018

Best bits: The staff.


Harriet (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: I felt that previous placement wasn't working for me and it wasn't the right environment. The college moved me placements without any fuss. I felt like it was the right thing to do and I feel much happy where I am now.


Beyonce (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: I'm enjoying my art course the teachers make the lessons interesting and fun and I am learning a lot. The student union put on good events where you can have a laugh with your mates. I like having a mentor who I can talk to when things are not going so good.


what we doing on Tuesday ? (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: The teaching is very good as is the communication between staff and students. Safeguarding is good and is important. I feel safe and that the college deal with any issues.


Jordon (current-14-19) 26th March 2018

Best bits: Getting used to College.


Emily Louise (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: That the staff are quite supportive but can't always be with you all the time. The support staff are really good with the students.


Anonymous (current-14-19) 26th March 2018

Best bits: I have help around the college.


THE PRO (current-20+) 26th March 2018

Best bits: Lessons and the supported internship program.


welfare officer 2018 (current-14-19) 26th March 2018

Best bits: The college is improving massively to help the student well being.


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